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Day Eight Character List

Howie and the lads go on a day trip to the Isle of Wight In the aftermath of the battle, Dave spots, Kelly “the engineer woman” walking back across the dead bodies (sent by Dr Roberts to see if any of the lads are injured) Fluffy white bunny – not in for long as he is eaten by Darren on the Isle of Wight (boo hiss!)! We discover that Dave does not like boats. The woman who brought drinks in the commune was Big Chris’s wife – she went to IOW with Sarah and Ted. On the island, Darren cons a nice old couple, John and Edith (mid-sixties) to let him in their house. Bites Edith first, turns her then kills John outright. On their way to the island, a bloke (no name) on a Solent fort (those man-made fortified islands in the sea) aims a shotgun and fires a couple of shots at Howie’s group Darren meets a bunch of shuffling zombies at the hotel and tries to persuade the survivors to give in to him. He calls their leader “John” (definitely not his real name) Another old man, ex-boxer in the military comes out and fights the shuffling zombies outside the hotel. A woman, long curly black hair and gentle curves, beautiful, red lips, black eyebrows. Darren “rescues her” from the smoke infested cellar to the hotel., then proceeds to unzip her skirt and bite her on the bottom.. hard enough to break the skin, but not taking a chunk out. The beautiful woman is infected. She turns, then has a strange erotic pleasure and pain coupling with Darren. Her name is…. MARCY Her name… is Marcy


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