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RR Haywood is a British author known for his captivating works in science-fiction. With a unique and highly original storytelling style and a knack for crafting engaging characters and narratives driven by strong humour and real-life grit, he has gained a dedicated following of readers from around the world.

Haywood’s literary journey began with a series of successful self-published novels, starting with “The Undead Days” series. This series, an original fresh take on the post-apoc zombie genre, proved to be a breakthrough for him.


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With a unique and highly original storytelling style

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The first of this series, “The Undead Day One” was published in 2012, but it wasn’t until Days One to Seven, were put together into a compilation edition called The Undead The First Seven Days that the series really took off and gained popularity for its gripping storyline and well-developed characters.

Haywood’s ability to draw on his twenty-two-year policing career and delve into the emotional struggles of survivors added depth and humanity to the genre.

The Undead Day One

Following the success of “The Undead Days” series, RR Haywood continued to expand his repertoire with an exploration of various themes and genres, demonstrating his versatility as an author. His works include dystopian fiction, thrillers, and time-travel adventures.

One of his notable series, the “Extracted” trilogy became a global hit, being listed as a Washington Post and Wall Street Journal bestseller. Extracted also reached the top of the Amazon and Audible book charts in the US and the UK.



What sets RR Haywood apart as a writer is his commitment to his craft and constantly developing highly unique plots and stories driven by strong characterisation and often absurdist humour that reflects the worlds we live in. He is also dedicated to interacting with his readers. He maintains a strong presence on social media and values the input of his fans, often incorporating their suggestions into his works.

Over the last few years, Haywood has become one of the most downloaded indie writers in the UK, and is consistently an Amazon All-Star author, a programme dedicated to rewarding the top 100 authors on Amazon.

With Extracted in the early stages of development for a TV series, and his other works gaining constant attention from some of the biggest studios and producers in Hollywood, it is only a matter of time before we see Haywood material on the screen.
This is despite not having a single book for sale in a bookshop!

Beard-keeping, dog-owning, caffeine-befuddled writer and the creator of multiple hit series and novels.



RR Haywood was born in Birmingham, UK, in 1975, and would spend hours spending time with his dogs daydreaming of other worlds and wild adventures to escape a disjointed, and often very turbulent childhood.

After brief stints in catering and retail management, and losing five years to wild partying, Haywood always remembered a biography he read when he was a child about a police dog that everyone thought would never make the cut! But, of course, the dog did and went on to save his handler. It was this story that prompted Haywood to join the police in 1998, where he quickly became his division’s highest performing officer.

He read constantly, in all genres, and in 2012 he found a book called Three Feet of Sky by Stephen Ayres, and was introduced to the concept of self-publishling.

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To be updated directly with new releases. Social Media sites won’t share all the posts we put out unless we pay. Subscribing is the best way to be notified directly.

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