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A Town Called Discovery. A new book that isn’t a new book…

Well hello you super gorgeous peeps,

I have a new book coming out – A Town Called Discovery. Which is super exciting. Except it’s not really a new book.

Let me explain.

About three years ago I had just finished writing Extinct, the third book in the Extracted series. I had just done some quite heavy Undead books too. I mean heavy in the sense of emotive writing.

I needed a break from that style and so I set about writing something new. Which later became A Town Called Discovery. It’s a time travel story, but not like Extracted. I mean, it’s still in my style, but it’s faster and good fun. I had a blast writing it too.

Sadly, however, I wasn’t working with the right person at that time and the book got lost in edits to the extent I eventually shelved it and went back to writing more Undead.

Audible then approached me about an exclusive Audible Original Deal and I set about writing The Worldship Humility. Audible loved it and signed me for a three-book deal (advanced bragging alert) which apparently, was one of the first of its kind given to a UK author. Woohooo! (End of bragging alert).

The WSH was then produced and narrated by the fantastic Colin Morgan. The sales were brilliant. The feedback was awesome. Double Woohooo!

I then went back and wrote The Undead 24, (Audio part 20) – and that’s a big book. It’s over 180,000 words and has some huge storylines going on.

After that was straight into the 2nd WSH book. Which is now finished. Again, that is another huge book with a lot of moving parts and some big storylines.

Aaaaaannnnnd then the Coronavirus struck, and the world has stopped turning for a bit.

That means The WSH book 2 cannot be produced or narrated right now, which, in the grand scheme of things, is a teeny tiny issue and doesn’t compare to the staggering levels of suffering being endured by so many. But it does mean the book will be delayed, and right now, we just don’t know how long that will be for.

I was then chatting to my friend about books and I remembered THAT BOOK THAT I DID WRITE AGES AGO. And I thought, with much thinking, that I’d dig it out and blow the cobwebs of it. Which isn’t actually true cos it was just a file on my computer. Whatever. Stop nitpicking you nitpickerer.

Anywho. I gave it a read and thought actually, this isn’t too bad. I sent it to my pre-reading buddy Phil. Phil read it and said yeah, it’s good fun. Get it out! It’s a lovely distraction with all this stuff going on. A couple of other people then said the same thing as Phil.

OOOOH. Shiver me timbers. I thought f*ck it. Why the devil not! I shall release it forthwith into the world, and even if it gives just a few people a nice break while they are cooped up at home then great. Job Done.

But why the f*ckery f*ck am I gabbling on about all of this? Ah, you see, my naughty little sausages, I didn’t want you thinking I’d given up on any other of my other books and just did sumfin new.

A Town Called Discovery was written 3 years ago. I’m only releasing it now because it’s the right time to pop it out with all this nasty googoo going on.

The WSH book 2 is done and finished. But we can’t produce it.

The Undead is still going on. It has not ended. I will write more, but it is a big series and it needs thought. Don’t get me wrong. I love writing huge stories. But it takes time and a huge level of focus. Which is cool and although I do it willingly, I cannot just write back to back Undead books. That’s not healthy.

I also need to live. And eat. And you know, sleep and stuff. I’ve also lost a relative this week that was very dear to me when I was younger. We can’t go and grieve or visit. We’re all stuck at home and coping the best way we know how.

I love all my readers. I super do. Super duper and I’ll write as fast as I can. I promise you I will.

I’m going now. For a cup of tea and a slice of the flapjack I made yesterday THAT HAS SOOOOOO MUCH SUGAR IN IT.

A Town Called Discovery will be out next week. I’ll post when it’s loaded up and ready.

Much love to all. Stay safe. Stay inside. Drink Coffee. Eat Flapjack. Save the World.

Rich x


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