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And the winner for the Blood at the Premiere goodies is…


Thank you to everyone who has read Blood at the Premiere. The feedback from readers has been fantastic. It was always a bit worrying introducing new characters into an established world but so far it seems to have been okay.

I posted a blog on my old site that there would be a competition for the biggest bundle of Undead Goodies to date.


The response has been incredible! Thank you to all who took part. It was so funny seeing how some of you got the chapter quotes into the reviews.

So the day arrived. The day of the grand prize draw. It was official and it needed a serious approach with much pomp and ceremony and seriousness of serious stuff. What it needed was an adjudicator .

One of my early prize draws used an adjudicator . Some of you might remember this chap casting a serious eye over the Drawing of the Winner. He was very diligent in the proceedings and was only too willing to help and ensure the whole thing was done properly.


Well I thought. We’d best get that same adjudicator  back. I mean, this is the biggest prize bundle to date. This needed the same level of diligence and brevity. This needed a wise head and keen eyes.

We took the woolly dog walking hat outside and got ready for the draw.


It was given some serious reflection. A paw was lifted. The keen eyes showed reflection and understanding.


The same pup that had adjudicated before once again took responsibility to check the wooly dog walking hat for signs of tampering or foul play.



Everything was looking good. The draw could take place.

But then Crusty came over….


And it was decided that playing with the wooly dog walking hat was much more fun. The names inside got strewn about. The hat was tugged, played with, ran off with and finally, somehow, ended up underneath one of the other dogs.


Dentastix were deployed to create distraction and finally we got to do the draw.


Sarah Bancroft…you are a winner!!!!

You left a review on on 18th July 2016.

Congratulations. Drop me a line with your address and I will get the goodies sent out.

This is a new website too. Have a look round and see what you think. A lovely company based in Torquay called have done it. (put the sound on and listen to the effects – creepy!)

Take care

RR Haywood


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