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Extracted #3, a dog’s eye, a slug, a sparrow-hawk eating a pigeon and a spider…


Extracted book three is written and with the publisher. There is no release date yet as we have to go through edits and stuff first. I’ll post as soon as I know more, or sign up to the newsletter on this site, you can do it by dropping me a line and making sure the box is checked, then I can email you with blogs and release info, or find me on FB.

I’m now nearing completion on the first draft of  new time travel material. After that will be The Undead then we’ll see how the ground lies and what’s going on.

In the meantime….and when I am not writing, I like to piss about doing geeky stuff. I’ve made a few really crappy YouTube videos now. How to make a cup of tea and the video for The Second Watch Biscuit Club competition. Doing those clips made me realise just how powerful the camera is on my Samsung S7, and after buying some cheap lenses from Amazon I’ve kinda been messing about in the garden and annoying the dogs.



20170723_185637 (1)_Moment(2)

Those were all shot using a Macro lens on a Samsung S7. Jolly good fun.

The clips below were also filmed by me using the same phone. The Sparrow-hawk had taken out a pigeon by ramming into my office window, making me and the dogs all shit ourselves. It was so loud. It’s a bit grim and I felt bad for the pigeon but what a thing to see. The bird of prey was stunning. Check out the eyes and there was no way it was giving up its kill either.

The slug is gross but fascinating. I’ve got loads of frogs in my garden which love gobbling the slugs up. Circle of life innit bruv.

Anywho, back at it, got words to write on a page.

Take care

RR Haywood


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