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New Narrator Needed….


Had some bad news today. Dan Morgan, the narrator for The Undead audio books series, is unable to continue. This is a crying shame as Dan has done an amazing job and has really become known as the voice of The Undead. His range and skills are superb and he has really brought the series to life.

I’m gutted but it can’t be helped or undone and so we’ve got to roll with it, push on, chin straps fastened, heads down and charrrrrgggeee!

Or rather, I’ve got to find a new narrator.

Which is a bit exciting actually. Dan was great and wonderful but I never met him or spoke to him. He was arranged and booked through Audible and so our paths never crossed. So now there is a fantastic opportunity to research and find a new narrator. Some of the best story-lines are still to come for the audio books. Part Nine and Ten was Day Fourteen (split in half). The next audio book will be Part Eleven – Day Fifteen and some of the stories to come from Day Fifteen onwards are stonkers. Rip-roaring wild crazed caffeine infused rampages of battles, chases, things blowing up, things on fire, love and loss and weepy moments and more bits that will make you cheer and go yay!

So, the adverts are out and I will begin selecting a new narrator very soon. With luck, we can get moving and get the next Part produced and released as quick as a fish.

Blood at the Premiere is out on July 18th. This is a brand new Day One Adventure and my first proper published book innit blud you get me?

Blood at the Premiere Final

There will be a competition for Blood at the Premiere goodies too when it’s released. Check back here for details or keep an eye on Facebook – RR Haywood.

Let the search for a new narrator begin….

Take care

RR Haywood


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