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RR Haywood’s List Of The Top 8 Awesomely Funny Stuff On Netflix

Hellooo! would love to share My List Of The Top 8 Awesomely Funny Stuff on Netflix with you. This list was compiled after contracting a serious bout of cynicism from the astonishing level of hate and depression-inducing content of news channels and adverts on telly.

Anywho, so in a fit of righteous apathy, I made two decisions. First, I would only watch stuff that made me laugh, and second, I would source it online and so avoid seeing the endless watch, cry, repeat cycle of Brexit / Trump / Russia / we’re all going to die right now / everyone else is suffering and it’s solely your fault / give our charity money so we can pay our Chief Exec’s huge salaries / do you see what I mean? It’s like that but worse, wayyyy worse. I also tried to avoid anything that was too real-life, I see enough real-life in my er…well, in my real-life as it happens.

And you know what? I am so glad I did it. The stuff I have been watching has been brilliant, and so much of it made me go wide-eyed and gasp a bit, but for all the right reasons. I haven’t laughed this much since I was a kid watching Blackadder and Bottom and re-runs of Fawlty Towers.

So, here it is. My List Of The Top 8 Awesomely Funny Stuff on Netflix. There are hundreds of hours of genius-level creativity here to help you banish the blues and send the cynicism away. Get stuck in and give it a try. (Amazon also has some cracking good stuff which will be on another list)


Rick & Morty is an animated series about Rick, a genius geriatric scientist and the insane adventures he drags his grandson Morty into. Do not be put off by the fact this is animated. This is telly on another level. It’s outrageous in so many ways, but yet very subtly nuanced too with one foot in the real world as we know it, and another in a multi-dimension crazy universe. Every episode is beautifully drawn. The artwork is visually stunning, and every scene is crafted to a ridiculously high level of skill. The writing is near on perfect. The dialogue is brilliant. There’s nothing bad about it. The humour is full on belly laughs mixed with constant sniggers and snorts. The jokes are great and despite the staggering level of work put into producing each episode, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s high-concept stuff too with bafflingly scientific stuff going on that is blended so perfectly with the visual gags and character interplay. (Three seasons. Not safe for young kids. Netflix)


This is a modern classic. That’s not even arguable. Stranger Things is a series that follows a small group of kids growing up in 1980’s small town America with all sorts of crazy, alien-hinting, government coverup / secret-experiment stuff going on. The acting is brilliant. The humour is great, and I defy the grumpiest, cold-hearted Neanderthal to watch this and not be rooting for the kids within one or two episodes. I’ve sat with a bunch of hardened, gun-toting cops discussing how we all love this programme. It’s clean humour too and heart-warming without being trite or sugary. This is binge-worthy viewing. Get comfy, turn the phones off and find a groove on the sofa because once you start you won’t be able to stop until the last episode. Hooray to the main adult character too (David Harbour) – a non-buff, not perfect looking rugged, middle-aged balding man. Wow. What a refreshing change. You’ll love him. (Two seasons. Safe for kids. Netflix)

  1. HAPPY

A hero is born! Forget Marvel. Forget the conventional Hollywood trope of square jawed healthy-living heroism and meet Nick Sax, one of the best characters I have ever watched. Think Deadpool with a talking cartoon donkey that only full on cliched alcoholic, drug-taking, washed up loser ex-cop turned hitman Nick Sax can see – it’s like that. Ultra-violent and ultra-funny. Happy is pure unbridled laugh-a-minute drop your gob open and gasp wonderful telly watching. Turn it up. Make it loud and get ready. The first half of the first episode isn’t so great, so stick with it because after that you will be speechless. (One season. Netflix. Not safe for kids.)


Bojack is half man, half horse living in a world where people are either people, or half-animal, half-human. The series follows Bojack, who was a famous actor back in the 80’s or 90’s and is now a borderline alcoholic sex-addict. (Charlie Sheen in half horse form) It’s quite high-brow stuff too and deals with some good storylines in between the humour. It’s extremely popular and it’s easy to see why. It doesn’t have the punch or genius of Rick & Morty, nor the outrage of Happy, but it deserves to be on this list simply because it’s cracking good telly. Highly entertaining and really very enjoyable. Addictive too. (Four seasons. Not safe for kids. Netflix)


I love this! It’s so good. The safest description would be to say the main character Eleanor (Kristen Bell) dies and wakes up in The Good Place (kinda like heaven), but then realises that something has gone wrong and she shouldn’t be there, which then leads into a series of delightful episodes with Eleanor trying to keep her place. It’s brilliant. Witty, charming, beautifully filmed and full of awesome actors. Ted Danson is superb and Jameela Jamil is fantastic. It’s not possible to not enjoy this. The feel-good factor is through the stratosphere. The concepts it deals with are also very complex, but so skilfully done you won’t realise it. The thinking is done for you, so you can just make a brew, sit back and enjoy it on lots of different levels. (Two seasons. I’d safe mostly safe for kids from what I can remember. Netflix)


This took me a couple of goes to get into. I found the first episode off-putting. The animations didn’t initially appeal to me and the sound-effects seemed wrong – like clumsy, but then I had very recently re-watched Rick & Morty which is much finer artwork and a lot slicker, whereas Disenchantment has a very Simpsons / Futurama appearance. (But that’s because it comes from the same creator– Matt Groening.) However, despite having an appearance in line with Groening’s previous work, this really is very different, and once I got into the first episode I was hooked. The humour is definitely geared towards adults and it soon speeds up to some outrageously funny episodes that whip along at a cracking pace. Very funny and very entertaining. (One season. Not safe for kids. Netflix)


This is one of the funniest things on Netflix and littered with some of the best profanity ever heard on a telly show. The humour is only aimed at adults with sex, drugs and violence thrown at the viewer in every episode. It pokes fun at everything. Racism, sexism – any ism you can imagine. It rips into mainstream news services and anything else without fear, and that’s the thing I loved the most. It’s like Southpark in that regard. The humour is both brutally funny and simplistically brutal. If you’re easily offended then go read Facebook posts and leave angry comments, cos this ain’t for you. If, however, you want to laugh until wee comes out then this will do the job. (One season. Deffo not for kids. Netflix.)


This is cracking good original content from Netflix, and I love how they have taken Hollywood megastars Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore and chucked them into what is essentially a quirky zombie comedy telly show. It works though. It’s very funny and sucks you in so you just keeping thinking I’ll just watch the next one. The writing is brilliant, the acting – as you’d expect – is top notch. The gore level is just right and not ever gag-inducing or shocking for the sake of it. “The Industry” keeps saying the zombie genre is done and dusted, but this proves otherwise. It’s unique and very original. (Two seasons. Not for kids. Netflix)

And there ends my list of 8 good things to watch on Netflix, and you know what, I’ve reached the conclusion that now more than ever we need content like this to bring back the ability to mock without forever being worried about causing offence. There is a dangerous precedent being set in modern times, that you cannot oppose a presented opinion without being accused of something evil. But in humour, and in comedy we can do just that. We can ridicule the ridiculous, call the tyrants twats and poke fun at the greed merchants. Yay! Turn away from the dark side and the staggering irresponsibility of the news channels and advert makers and feed your soul with happy things! (And rip the piss out of bullies, tyrants and greedy shits while doing it)

Peace, love and hugs RR Haywood x


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