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The Path Between Worlds by Paul Antony Jones

A wee while ago I was contacted by the super nice chaps at Aethon Books. They said one of their authors had a new book coming out and would I be interested in reading it. I get asked this quite a bit now and get sent all sorts of things from lovely folks who have books coming out, on top of also reading for a few close author buddies. I love doing it too, but sometimes it can be a double-edged sword. The first issue is always time. I write a huge amount, so simply having the time to read and give feedback isn’t always possible. And then of course, there is the danger that I won’t like the book. (That does happen too.)

Anywho, they said it was Paul Antony Jones, and I was like….say whaaaaaaat? Paul Antony Jones has a new book coming out? Good gosh. Sign me up. I’m in. I’m on it. I love his Extinction Point Series. And he’s a great guy too. When I first started out, Paul took the time to share a few kind words with me, and that meant a lot. So yes, definitely, I would love to read his new book, and if it’s shit then I’ll just hide behind the sofa for ages and change my name and pretend I was out the day the book got sent and then move house.

Thankfully, it’s not shit. It’s really good!!!! I loved it. The opening is just like wow, that’s how you start a book. That. Right there. That hook is instant, and that’s vital, and it’s engrossing too. My more formal review is below, but honestly, it’s cracking good story and highly recommended.

The Undead 24 is underway. I’ll update when I’m finished.

Much love Rich x



Meredith Gale thinks she wants to die, but right at the point of no-return, she decides she wants to live.

That option is given to her, and so begins our journey with The Path Between Worlds by Paul Anthony Jones.

At first glance, this book appears to be a time travel story as it involves lots of characters plucked from various timelines throughout history, but the main story focusses on why those characters have all been dumped in a weird and wonderful place that appears to be either a different planet, or the Earth in the distant future.

I won’t plot spoil, but what follows is a beautifully drawn and very compelling story that at times is touching, funny, exhilarating and constantly immersive.

There are clear, and unapologetic overtones of The Dark Tower, Lost, Wayward Pines and a whole host of gorgeously eclectic modern classics within this story. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a criticism. The influences might be clear, but the end result is something original, highly-imaginative and wholly different.

If you’re after a stonking good read that zips along at a cracking pace with fresh, new and beautifully written ideas all woven into a lovely story that leaves you wanting more, then you will love this.



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