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The Undead Day Sixteen

The Undead Day Sixteen

Stop fucking about and get on with it.

This is my mantra. A code of ethics to live by. A whole set of values to which I can apply my existence. Stop fucking about and get on with it.

There is too much fucking about. And not enough getting on with it.

The Undead series was paused for a wee while so we could prepare and submit the series to various publishers.

But that industry is glacial. Slower than a slow sloth reluctantly heading down the tree to clean his room. I mean…like….really?

Anywho. We couldn’t release the next episode of The Undead in case it cocked up the submissions package we put through to the publishers. You see, we sent them the series to date plus some new unpublished material in the form of Day Sixteen.

In the meantime I wrote The Book of Shorts and started expanding the Mike Humber world with turning the Recruited short story into a novel.

Some of the publishers wrote back saying they loved the writing, the style etc….but they felt the zombie market was exhausted.

Some are still considering. Some are in contact and asking questions. Some are currently reading the works.

But enough time has passed and now is the time to get on with it.

There is a story to be told that burns and itches like an STD of the soul…so I must apply the Canesten cream and stop fucking about and get on with it.

Day Sixteen is done and ready. The cover….a bloody beautiful work of art by Eddy is simply stunning. The pre readers have come back to say they like it…all that remains is for Brimmers to work her magic of editing (which means cutting lots of waffly bits).

Day Sixteen is coming soon…

Take care

RR Haywood


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