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The Undead Part 1 audio & Try My Quizzes!

The Undead Part 19


The Undead Part 19 has a release date and is now available for pre-order! That’s a bit good then.

11th December 2018

Here are some handy links:

The Undead Part 19 audio book is already out as a written book – The Undead Twenty Three: The Fort. Once this latest audio episode is out it will bring both series (audio and written) to the same point.

Hope you enjoy it, and as ever, please do leave a review and drop by my website and say howdy through a contact form, or just come and find me on FB.

Take care Love hugs and kisses xxxx


(I’ll hopefully have some exciting news about a new book coming very soon)

Have you seen my quizzes?

I made these a couple of weeks ago. They’re strangely cathartic to make and gives me a nice break from writing and editing.

Have a go if you fancy it! (Don’t mockery me, they’re the first ones I have done so might be a bit cheesy)


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