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There is a winner!

It has been one month since The Undead Day Fourteen was released and as of right now, there are thirty-nine four and five star reviews on it. That is fantastic and thank you very much to everyone who posted a review.

However, there was a change to the procedure. The watchful adjudicators were too full from eating and refused to get up and watch, so we had to use an apprentice adjudicator for this draw. This puppy took proceedings very seriously, as you can see. She was watchful, alert and ready to react to any signs of funny business, guarding the woolly dog walking hat with her own whiskery chin! A bit of folded paper was pulled out, and the winner is….


Frenchie left a review on the 1st December and had the following line very cleverly inserted:

Taking off from where 13 finished the pace is relentless and this time they don’t only have to deal with zombies and other survivors but now there’s lions and tigers and bears thrown into the mix, oh my!

Well done Frenchie, you win a signed copy of Day One through to Day Fourteen (please say you don’t live in the Scottish highlands) and will be posted out at my expense (and not a far away Island either) as soon as you contact me with your details, oh and there’s some other goodies too.

From the feedback I have had, Millie appears to already be a firm favourite and I also got some very cross words regarding the scene with Cookey (no spoilers here) and how I put him at risk. Sorry, writers prerogative you know and it keeps you guessing as you never know quite what will come next.

I’m hard at work on the new project and will let you know when i’m nearing any form of completion. In fact, my idea is to put the first couple of chapters out for free on this site but this site is crap and I can’t do it. So when I get the new site (hurry up Ian ‘Knocka’ Dore) (in fact, go on facebook and send a message to Ian ‘Knocka’ Dore telling him to get a wriggle on with the new site). So when I get the new site, I will post the first couple of chapters for free and you can tell me if you like it and want to see more.

Right, i’m off to do writer type stuff like polish my tweed jacket and silk scarf, or better yet, pick up some puppy poo and get chased by four small furry devils with very sharp teeth…

Have a great new year and whatever your plans are, stay safe and drink responsibly, or get smashed to the point of oblivion, throw up over your boss and get arrested for streaking down the local High Street while clutching your kindle and yelling the zombies are coming….

Take care

RR Haywood

Nice try D Harrison Schleicher with your sneaky review… Do the British people love The Wizard of Oz or what? Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my? Ha! But you are clearly an American (and a fellow zombie writer) and therefore barred from the competitions on the basis of the bloody cost it would entail sending a box that heavy across half the world. Got a deal for you though, if you provide me with a signed copy of your book to give away on my site, I will send one of mine over…????


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